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Colombia La Independencia

Colombia La Independencia

Tastes Like: Rock Melon  Lemonade  Stonefruit


Producer Jose Domingo Pechene operates his La Independencia farm in the Inza municipality, located 1,950 metres above sea level in the steep mountains that surround the Agua Blanca township.  The property even has its own waterfall which supplies fresh water for the processing of his coffees and other crops.  This part of Colombia sits where the states of Huila, Tolima and Cauca meet, near the Nevado del Huila volcano.  The rich volcanic soils are part of the reason that the coffees from this part of Colombia are sought after, along with the cool overnight temperatures, high rainfall and even higher altitude.  Coffees are typically sweet and complex.


Inza is the traditional home of the Paez (Nasa) indigenous people, and today they exist in tight knit agricultural communities, aided by Colombian Constitutional recognition and land rights success.  However coffee from the region has, until more recent history, been difficult to access due to its isolation and FARC rebel army controlling the area.


The coffee for this lot was all hand harvested and processed with the washed method using the farm's small mill.  The coffee is first pulped and then left for 36 hours in a fermentation tank, before being washed by water from the property.  It is then sun dried on the farm's concrete patio for between ten and eighteen days, turned frequently to ensure even drying.


The Colombia La Independencia is bright and juicy, with notes of rock melon, lemonade and a sugarcane-like sweetness; stonefruit acidity and sparkling body.


Available for either espresso or filter coffee brewing.  


  • Details

    Region: Agua Blanca, Inza, Cauca

    Varietal: Colombia

    Processing Method: Washed

    Altitude: 1950 MASL

PriceFrom $24.00
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