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Brewing Coffee With a French Press

You Will Need

French Press (this eg is a 4 cup)

Ground Coffee



Scales (optional)

Brew Info

Ground Coffee: 40g

Water: 600g

Duration: 5 minutes

Ratio: 1:15

The French press, or simply the ‘coffee plunger’, is one of the simplest methods around for making a tasty coffee brew.  The French press is proof that great coffee is for everyone and doesn’t have to be difficult or use expensive equipment.  Coffee from a French press is thick and rich and creamy in flavour, in part due to the coarseness of the grind used and also the nature of the filter.  Because a French press uses a metal mesh filter, not a paper filter, all of the coffee oils are still present in the finished brew, not trapped in the filter with the coffee grounds.  Although a press-type contraption had been around in various forms through the early 1900’s, it was actually an Italian who first patented the design which we know and has remained largely unchanged to date.  So, maybe we should be calling it the Italian press…..

First Steps

Bring your kettle to just off the boil.  Your water temperature should be in the range of 90-96C.  If you aren’t able to measure the temperature, let the kettle sit for 30 to 40 seconds after boiling. 

While the water is boiling, grind your coffee to a coarse grind.

Heat both your press and your cups with hot water.  Throw the water our of the French Press before you start the brew process.


french press.jpg

The Brew

Add your freshly ground coffee to the heated French Press, with the plunger removed.

Steadily pour a small amount of your heated water on to the coffee grounds in a circular motion, being sure to saturate all of the coffee.  Remember to start your timer.

Give your coffee a gentle stir, and let the coffee sit for 30 seconds.

Steadily pour the remaining water into the French Press in the same circular motion.

Place the plunger onto the top of the press without it touching the surface of the water.  Don't press yet.

Wait four minutes.  This is your opportunity to make toast.  With Vegemite.

Slowly and steadily push the plunger down until it reaches the bottom.

Serve immediately into your heated cups.

Brew tips: If the plunger is hard to push down, try using a coarser grind [see A Note About Grind for more info].  If you aren't drinking all of your brewed coffee immediately, decant the remaining coffee into another vessel.

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