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About Solitude

Solitude Coffee Roasters began in 2021 when, after years of working and learning from others, I decided it was time to build something of my own.  James is my name, and  I am fortunate to call Queensland's Sunshine Coast my home, a beautiful place of sun, surf, quiet beaches and tranquil bushland.  For this and many other reasons there is a strong sense of community here, although many of its population (including myself) are from somewhere else.  I arrived several years ago like many do, keen for a lifestyle change that provided more simplicity and balance, and a desire to contribute.

Solitude Coffee is the result, but not the end.  Drinking and roasting coffee has helped me in so many ways, and that's how I landed on the name.  My favourite time is early in the morning when the sun cracks the horizon and the birds sing, and that first sip of sweet coffee hits my lips.  That's my solitude.

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