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Brewing Coffee With a Hario V60

You Will Need

V60 (this eg is a 2 cup)

Ground Coffee



Scales (optional)

Filter paper

Brew Info

Ground Coffee: 24g

Water: 408g

Duration: 3:30 minutes

Ratio: 1:17

The Japanese company, Hario, is another coffee company with its roots in science.  Back in the early 1900’s they started out manufacturing glass products for use in the science industry, and by the middle of the century they had branched out into making glass coffee brewing equipment.  Although one of the most popular brewing methods today, the Hario V60 was a relative late bloomer for Hario [coffee pun], first released in 2005.  It’s now available in a number of different materials, including glass, plastic, ceramic, and even copper.  Hario claim that the V60’s success at making delicious coffee is due to its shape, particularly the ribbed design.  It gets its name from the 60 degree angle of the cone. 

First Steps

Bring your kettle to just off the boil.  Your water temperature should be in the range of 90-97C.  If you aren’t able to measure the temperature, let the kettle sit for 30 to 40 seconds after boiling. 

While the water is boiling, grind your coffee to a medium-fine grind.

Fold a filter paper along the seam, and place it in the V60 cone.  Rinse the cone and filter paper thoroughly with your hot water.  This will prevent the coffee from taking on a paper taste during brewing.

Also heat your vessel with hot water (whatever you are going to drip your coffee in to).  Throw this water out before you start the brew process.


hario v60 brew.jpg

The Brew

Place your V60 cone with an inserted filter paper on top of your vessel.

Pour the ground coffee into the filter and make a divot in the centre.

Start your pour and your timer.  Initially pour enough water to thoroughly saturate the ground coffee (about 60g of water).  You should see the coffee bloom.

Give the coffee slurry a good stir and then resume your pour.  Pour slowly and steadily in a clockwise motion.  Pour in stages, focusing your pour on the centre of the V60, but work out towards the edges.  Move inward and outward as you continue your circular motion.

Pause to give the V60 a slight swirl, this will help ensure the bed of ground coffee remains flat, helping achieve an even extraction of coffee.

Stop pouring once you reach your desired brew weight.

Once all the water has drained through, remove the V60 and enjoy your coffee!

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