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Colombia El Diviso

Colombia El Diviso

Tastes Like: Kiwi Fruit  Peach  Orange  Rosehip


The El Diviso farm was founded in 1997 by Jose Uribe Lasso in the Normandia district, a short drive from Huila's Brucellas Pitalito region of Colombia.  The property is 14 hectares, and will only harvest coffee once a year from October to December, and is surrounded by a nature preserve which the same family manage to preserve the natural flora and fauna and landscape diversity.  Jose's three sons had become involved in the family business by 2022, and brought with them ideas for new farming methods like long fermentation times, anaerobic fermentation, oxidation, and even the re-application of mucilage juices to the coffee cherry during processing.  All of the coffee at El Diviso is hand picked when its ripeness is at a premium, and then naturally dried under temperature controlled conditions, always focusing on quality.


The Colombia El Diviso is a delicate coffee with a smooth texture, notes of kiwi fruit, peaches, orange and rosehip.  It has a brightness reminiscent of white wine, juicy body and a lovely deep milk chocolate finish. 


Available for either espresso or filter coffee brewing.  


  • Details

    Region: Huila

    Varietal: Geisha

    Processing Method: Honey

    Altitude: 1700 - 1800 MASL

PriceFrom $24.00
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